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  1. Ciao, teoricamente il gioco ti associa ai server con minore latenza. Nel caso tu voglia essere collegato a determinati server, ti consiglio la modalità poligonale e di selezionare l’area di tuo interesse. Ricorda che modalità filtraggio e modalità ristretta devono essere abilitate.
  2. Hi Fraser, I understand the problem. The fault was not of the geo-filter but of Konami which with the latest update has decided to include peers to speed up matchmaking. With the polygon mode it was enough to exclude the peer that was causing the problem and everything worked again. Thanks and sorry if I stressed you out but having the qualifications I was desperate.
  3. Hi, I found this error in log file: Fri Feb 12 18:39:04 2021 daemon.err odhcpd[1735]: Failed to send to ff02::1%[email protected] (Address not available) Could this be the cause of the problem?
  4. Hi Fraser, If you don’t have the game, there is free version called efootball Pes 2021 lite. I would like to know if you, too, on ps4 find opponents outside the radius with filter mode and strict mode active. The problem has been since the peer near my location appeared. I trying to ping it as a domain results in "google.content". Since using the router it has never appeared before and has always worked great. Thanks in advance log-1613065603399.txt
  5. You can see the server or the peer on Cod, but having dedicated servers and the problem is irrelevant because the ping is low and stable. For Pes that is only p2p the geo filter is determinant no longer works and he finds opponents outside the radius. So find with opponents from Iran or Saudi Arabia and that is not right because is out of my range. In case I can attach the log file to you?
  6. Maybe I didn't explain. Basically, you know when the “google peer”has appeared that the Geo filter doesn't work as before. With both Pes and Cod. Looking at the forum, I see that other users also have problems with Fifa. Can it be a problem with ps4? They have the same problem with xbox?.The images I sent yesterday were to show you the test I made. If I use the settings I had with filter and strict mode activated (and have always worked) I find players outside the radius and I don't see them on the map. If I only disable the strict mode, I see players on the map but often find them outside the map. I think there's a problem with the Sony Console. Can you do a test? A friend with xr500 on xbox doesn't have this kind of problem and everything works. The peer I have, he's not going out. I think it's a problem only on ps4. Is it likely that sony has changed anything? Can you check?
  7. In this image I am on Pes 2021 and I have the filtering mode and the strict mode deactivated. As you can see I can ping the opponent and he finds him within range. In practice it works in reverse: - If filtering is enabled and strict mode does not work - If filtering is disabled and strict mode works. I don't understand why and yet I also reset it. We hope that the technicians solve this problem. Thanks in advance
  8. This image instead while playing Cod with the Geo-filter disabled. So the server sees the game server within range and I can ping. The peer and the server in U.S.A. appear and disappear. So there is something wrong with the geo filter. However, the problem has been around since that peer popped up
  9. I tried the hard reset but nothing has changed. This photo was taken while playing CoD. I used to see the server or peer I was connected to, now just this google peer. As I have already written, 2 friends are in the same situation as me. I would be grateful if you solve the problem.
  10. I've had R2 for a long time, so he's never given me this problem with Pes. I saw the opponent in the map and I could ping in a manual. Same thing with Cod I saw the server and I could ping it and not anymore. Besides, the filter doesn't work and gives me opponents out of the range. After I get home, I'll have a hard reset hoping you'll get back as before.
  11. I can confirm that in addition to my friend with Xr1000 another has the same problem with xr500 and dumaos 2. Therefore, it is likely to be a “yours” problem with the geo filter. Can you get a check on the technicians?
  12. I think it's my host's peer, too. But why do I no longer see my opponent when I was in match (on Pes) while I saw him before? I could see the area that connects and checked the ping. This peer was not visible before, there was only the peer of the opponent. On Cod I used to see the server while not now. There's always a "my" peer. And nothing else. What do you think that could be?
  13. However, I do not see my opponent during the match but only the peer near me and so I cannot verify the ping because it disappears from the map. A my friend with XR1000 has the same problem.
  14. Thank you for your fast answer. From the picture as you see, there are 2 peer one ina (which is yours?) And the other neighbour of Italy (where I live) then, if known, he accustered me with an opponent outside the filter. It has usually been a good thing, and I also use filter mode and strict mode.
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