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  1. I’m the customer here!! I’m meant to be helped not the other way round you buffoon!!
  2. Here we go sensor the unhappy customer !!! Deleted posts , no doubt ban next !! Listen I have tried every solution to every problem, and it still does not fix the issues I’ve mentioned, let alone the many many bugs I’ve not (eg turning the bufferbloat sliders off makes the browser hang and need to be refreshed (Firefox)) This product needs to be removed from the market since it doesn’t consistently work!!
  3. This is where you and the others are WRONG !! The only reason I bought this “Router” was because of O/S , I could have bought the router with the standard o/s for £50 so what am I paying £120 for it for ??
  4. You know why I’ve only got 6 posts ??? Because every time I tried to log in , it said I put in the wrong password, EVEN after resetting it !! I was actually born in 1978 bud so not really a millennial no, and you say you’ve never had a problem with yours ?? I’m gonna guess you wouldn’t know if you had !!
  5. The cpu max’s Out on my measly 36mb connection every single day !!! And I’ve seen other posts saying the same , where you have recommended rebooting, then faffing with various settings , then rebooting again , then if that doesn’t work try a factory reset!! Tried them all multiple times and it still max’s Out the cpu and throttles my connection down to 10-12mb down!! To address the “free” firmware upgrade ?!?!?! This was the only reason I bought the piece of junk in the first place , the firmware !! And it’s only 4yrs old because netduma messed about for 3 years making it for someone else !!
  6. For starters you’re not qualified to say what netduma will or won’t do!! Secondly your analogy is nothing like the circumstances surrounding my purchase of the R1. A 4yr old tv wouldn’t have been sold on the basis that you could watch YouTube on it would it ?? I was sold a £50 piece of hardware (the Mikrotik router) for £120 , so the software (or firmware) is clearly the rest of the cost. This firmware has been unstable , unreliable, and at best sub par. And the fact you keep pointing out the hardware is “too old” again isn’t my fault !! I didn’t take 3 1/2 years developing it for another manufacturer to make a quick buck while leaving the core customer base out in the cold. Now pipe down and wait for a member of the netduma “team” to comment.
  7. I’m saying it was sold as a “work in progress” as such this progress should be in a “reasonable” amount of time. The fact that netduma has spent the last 3 1/2 years pissing around with netgear etc is nothing to do with me. The fact is I haven’t had the use of this router for more than a day in it’s miserable life without having to mess around with one setting or another!!
  8. I’ve had this router for four years and about 2 weeks in I started “tweaking” settings and generally getting into it. Fast forward four LOOOONG years and after waiting for DumaOS For 3 of those years (sat on 1.03 that didn’t work) and what do I find ? DUMAOS on the R1 is garbage !! Constant maxing out of the cpu causing throttling of my connection, having to reboot the thing 2-5 times a day just to get it to work with my other devices. Doesn't really work with Fortnite (the game I play the most) Today it simply refused to accept the (correct) WiFi password! When I bought it as an Early Adoptor , I understood that there would be some teathing problems but after four years it does not work as a router without constant attention! This thing is not fit for purpose !! I would ideally like a full refund so I can buy something that works out of the box. Please can someone comment on this rather than just deleting it. Many thanks Gavin
  9. I signed up to the beta instantly after receiving the email telling me it had (the first 50 people one) , I haven’t received a the link email even now. Can you look into this please my email is [email protected] many thanks.
  10. Please let me in to the open beta ?!?! I’ve been waiting foooor soooooo long please netduma PLEASE!!
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