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  1. Thank you for the response. Do we have an idea when the next wave will be released?
  2. they must have cuz i signed up right away as well and didnt make the 1st cut
  3. Same as the chat log thats on the right side of the main page
  4. yes, if you dont have the latest update which is 1.03.6
  5. When I do a factory reset does it take my firmware back as well?
  6. I am receiving this message when trying to update my bandwidth seeings. Unable to apply settings because: 'Unable to set turbo modes.'. Please contact http://forum.netduma.comwith this message [/size]
  7. That what im referring to is PC gaming. When gaming i tick DPP. should i change the other settings to go with it as DPP changes my bandwidth from 250 down to 50 MB.
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