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    Macca65 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Netduma with Sky   
    That's great to hear, thanks for the update. Fingers crossed they actually fix it.
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    Macca65 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Netduma with Sky   
    Sounds like it might be getting used to the new connection and will take a little while to settle. Why the hub itself isn't allowing you to play at all is very odd. Might be one to call Sky about.
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    Macca65 got a reaction from bagsta69 in Great hit reg on MW   
    Yeah, I nearly always have a launcher, it's a way of getting cheap points lol. Loving the sniper rifles as well. 
    I suppose I should change my handle to Macca64☠ Lol
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    Macca65 got a reaction from bagsta69 in Great hit reg on MW   
    Nice play! You have better eyesight than me lol I couldn't see half of what you were shooting at! But then again you are a young whipper snapper!
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    Macca65 reacted to bagsta69 in Great hit reg on MW   
    Im still really enjoying this new Modern Warfare. I have some good games and bad but for the most good. Hit reg on this game seemed to be excellent. 24-3 with 3 captures and 9 defends. 
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    Macca65 reacted to bagsta69 in Modern warfare 2019 open Alpha   
    The alpha is going to be 2v2 on a small selection of maps with set load outs. 
    This link gives all the information https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-08/Announcement-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-PlayStation-4-2v2-Alpha-Rolls-out?cid=cem_19mwalpha
    More info and gameplay footage https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-08/Recap-Get-Your-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-Multiplayer-Footage-Here
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    Macca65 got a reaction from CrossFitKila717 in So Many Variables!!!   
    I know, I just laugh at the inconsistency of it all. As you say  you empty your mag into someone who then turns and kills you. But I know that has been me at some point, where I should have been done, but sponged their rounds and killed them.
    It even seems to me that the server decides who is going to win. I have been in matches where one team is 20 points ahead and then it's like a switch being thrown and you lose the next 30 points to lose 75 -73 74 it's totally weird.
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    Macca65 reacted to Netduma Alex in The Gaming Future   
    The following is my personal opinion, and nothing to do with what Netduma as a company thinks!
    I think that the idea of game ownership will become less and less prevalent.
    Publishers are currently pushing for all of their games to be "games as a service" which require an online connection even for single player content. They use the existence of lobbies and shared areas as an excuse to design their games this way, primarily because it gives them greater control over the end product even once it's in the player's hands. It also means you can sell players microtransactions, and then you can track those players and try to figure out the best way to take their money.
    Servers are often shut down a few years after a game comes out, and in this case your disc becomes a paperweight. Having purchased a game, you should be able to play that game until your console dies at the very least. This idea that instead of buying the right to play a game, we are renting the right to use a company's servers for an unspecified period of time, makes me uncomfortable.
    Now with the advent of game streaming, the idea of ownership becomes even hazier. Google will sell us games at full price, only accessible through their servers. What happens if the service shuts down? It's not like Google is a stranger to shutting things down. What happens if you get banned? Do you lose all of your games?
    Even now there are old MMORPGs which are lost to time because players do not have the server side code.
    I think a best practice would be to open source the server side code when you shut a game down so that dedicated players can still keep it alive, but of course they'd rather you just move onto whatever they're trying to sell you this year. Game archival is a dying hobby.
    I find myself increasingly alienated by the current state of the industry so I find it hard to imagine that i'll be playing games when i'm 60, but... I probably will anyway, begrudgingly. It's a lifelong hobby for me... I imagine i'll be one of those guys who only plays old games. As they say, the old ones are always the best ones.
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    Macca65 got a reaction from CrossFitKila717 in So Many Variables!!!   
    I used to  try every conceivable combination to try and get a good setting. I spent countless hours tweaking settings until I thought Eureka! I have them on point, only for the next game to totally trash that idea.
    I agree entirely in what you say, there are to many variables to control, you can get everything right at your end but can't control who joins the lobby.
    I mainly play WWII, and playing yesterday and a particular player was dominating the play. He/she was top for about the first 5/6 games or so. Next minute was nowhere, his/her scores we always in the negative, I could imagine them going "WTF" is going on!
    I don't touch any of my settings anymore, don't even remember what setting my sliders are on, I just boot up and play, if it's good ok, if it's bad ok I don't sweat it anymore :)
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    Macca65 reacted to CrossFitKila717 in So Many Variables!!!   
    Trying to find the right settings seem next to impossible since there’s so many variables that affect connection! It’s frustrating when every time you think you have the right settings and good gameplay, it goes South for no apparent reason. Testing on PingPlotter while saturating line using Speedtest, I get stable connection. While my line is idle (or at least console not turned on), my line is stable. As soon as I get into lobbies, I get pretty big, choppy spikes and depending on the room, shoot first die first. This is with the R1, using DumaOS & playing BO4. While in game, I’ll change my sliders around to see any difference since that rules out changing of lobbies, players etc, which can influence the outcome. Doesn’t seem to matter if I use port forwarding, UPNP, IPV6 etc.......tried all different combinations & still get inconsistent results. Again, my ISP & line seem to be stable, it’s just “in game” that’s the issue. My modem is new & all my hardware is spot on. Some people make it look & sound so easy but there’s so many factors that I feel are out of our control, even with the Duma. 
    What are your thoughts, experiences? I know higher speeds shouldn’t matter but I’m trying it anyways. Going from 200/10 up to 400/20 with Spectrum. 
    Thanks for any and all input!
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    Macca65 reacted to purpleandgold33 in New video!   
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    Macca65 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in What do you do when you are incredibly bored?   
    I still like licking Windows 😆
    But I do like to chase pesky cats now and again 🐱
    And sometimes when my human is not about I drink out the toilet bowl 🐶
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    Macca65 reacted to Foedus Gratiae in Maddening Inconsistencies   
    Ha, not really. Maybe a bit of emotional support. A shoulder to cry on. 
    I'm sure the duma helps some, but you can only polish a turd of a netcode so much.
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    Macca65 reacted to N3CR0 in Maddening Inconsistencies   
    Welcome to CoD... its been like this for countless years now.
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    Macca65 reacted to Zennon in Monitor vs 4K tv   
    I have both a 4K gaming monitor and an LG UK6300 43" TV for gaming
    Here is the input lag for the TV

    It is an IPS screen and cheap, if you do buy one hit me up for the best low input lag settings for both the console and TV.
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    Macca65 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in New Game recommendation   
    Thanks Zennon.
    You and Fraser have piqued my interest.
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    Macca65 reacted to Zennon in New Game recommendation   
    I have been playing RDR2 Online today there is a Domination style, TDM and FFA, it has been good fun, if you press select you can go first person but online it feels strange so I use 3rd person.
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    Macca65 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in New Game recommendation   
    Cheers Fraser will have a butchers at it! 
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    Macca65 reacted to Netduma Fraser in New Game recommendation   
    Whilst not strictly an FPS (though you can go first person) Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fantastic game if thats your thing. Huge storyline so plenty of hours and they've just released the beta of its online as well so theres plenty of content to get your teeth stuck into. 
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    Macca65 got a reaction from RL317 in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    Thanks for that IIIRL quite a read, understood about 75% of it but that's down to me! Played WW2 tonight on the same server vultr.com and it was like night and day. Great hit markers, shots all on point, getting 6.5.12. 10 KDR's. Next minute completely the opposite applies. No hit markers sniper rifle rounds passing through people.
    So as you say it's so frustrating, but I still come back for more.!
    And they say a definition of lunacy is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. Lol
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    Macca65 got a reaction from RL317 in DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!   
    I have found the DumaOS to be a positive experience since upgrading. I like the fairly simplistic layout and the ability to move things around. It gives you a lot of information about your network  etcif that's your bag. Or like me you just switch on and play and hope everything's doing what it should be!
    0n a different topic I play WW2 The game keeps putting me in the dedicated server "vultr.com" no matter where I put my home location. I have tried to deny it, to no avail. 
    The in game ping is a outstanding (for me) 20ms but it still feels that I am lagging behind other players. I am experienced enough to know when it's me, I.e. When my aim is off etc etc.
    So is there anyway I can force myself to get connected to another server? To see if it is any different
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    Macca65 reacted to mproper in Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)   
    Initially had some serious doubts but after the beta I'm more excited about BO4 now... Both the regular game modes and the Blackout mode I think are going to be fun.  I'm still not a fan of the self-healing in regular game modes and I absolutely hate specialists... (Don't know why we need them!).
    I'm not in the WW2 bashing camp, I actually thought it was a good game, played to prestige level 220.  Was it perfect?  No... there are things that to this day I wish they would have changed but overall I feel it was a fun game and worth playing.  Also, overall Sledgehammer did a good job making changes along the way to try and accommodate what the community was asking for.  I like the pick 10 system the best but for this particular game the division system worked OK.  The game became much better after the major division overhaul update.  I couldn't get into BO3 and IW so I was just so happy to have a COD game without advanced movement I embraced the game and still enjoy playing it.
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    Macca65 got a reaction from boogiesmitty in Forum Is its time up?   
    That's great to hear Jack, the thorn in the side has been the complete lack of communication and the moderators have been left to face the crap.There used to be suggestions for competitions, possible meet ups, secret santas etc which were good fun. I know you have to have participants for these "extras" if you like and its down to forum members to join in, but I believe that the severe delay on the DumaOS has had a very negative effect on the forum members, myself included.
    Jack you alluded to the the issue of the update being released, I think EVERYONE is waiting for some sort of news, and I agree the forum probably be a much healthier place......... But waiting's a bitch!
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    Macca65 got a reaction from boogiesmitty in Forum Is its time up?   
    I used to enjoy this forum, and I have learned quite a bit about gaming through these hallowed pages. But I have noticed that the forum is dying a slow death. The shout box used to be full of people virtually every night. There were quite a few moderators on this forum, but I think they are slowly leaving the ship, and through no fault of their own.
    When I saw people getting made moderators I was a teeny weeny bit jealous, but no more. I think it is a thankless task with what appears to be no support from the Netduma team.
    Ok, they do help to solve people's problems (Fraser/Jack) But on the big issue I.e. the Duma OS the moderators have been left high and dry to take the crap from the disgruntled customer ecetera ecetera.
    So whether you like, dislike, totally apathetic try and see their side of the update/no update debacle,
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    Macca65 got a reaction from VIPER51 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Should have been locked straight after they announced it was delayed, as there has been absolutely nothing to report!
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