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  1. Hello all, I am not getting any results showing up on the geo-filter map. Any thoughts? Thanks Ash
  2. Hi John, there was a dedicated server in Ireland popping up for me (see my first image). I don't see a dedicated server on your images. With that being said, I'm not sure auto-ping is fully working how it should (beta). I had different peers pop up on auto-ping during the game, I will monitor this for the next couple of days and report back.
  3. Ok I am now (i think) being put on a dedicated server. Following steps: Flush cloud Turn off PS and unplug the power cable Turn off routers Turn routers back on - wait to fully reboot Plug PS power cable back in and turn on Load BO4 What is strange is the auto ping said no host to ping for most of the game and then dedicated and peer popped up throughout the game. Admin any thoughts on this. I'll see if i can get a recording of this.
  4. Hello Admin, I have flushed the cloud and I haven't noticed any difference in trying to find a lobby. Have you got a chart with all the icons on the geo-filter and their meanings please? I am beginning to think there are no dedicated servers in BO4.... One thing that is consistent in every lobby is the man icon by the coast of West Africa (image). Any thoughts on this? Thanks Ash
  5. Joe - make sure you're connected to the Netduma wifi. Sometimes it doesn't automatically connect. Your computer is probably connected to another wifi.
  6. When I went back to the original R1 firmware it wouldn't accept the interface login details (admin || password). So I factory reset and it put me back on DumaOS and it now allows me to sign into the interface using the login details (admin || password). Thanks
  7. I've just followed these instructions to downgrade my os from dumaos. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000085792-downgrading-back-to-the-original-r1-firmware-from-dumaos now when i try to use 'admin' and 'password' to log into the interface it's not being accepted.
  8. I've tried aaaaannnnnddddd .... negative...still the same.
  9. Thanks Jack - I have posted in your thread.
  10. Shane, Make sure your computer wifi is connected to the R1 and not another wifi access point - it won't (or mine didn't) automatically reconnect. Once you are sure your wifi is connected to your R1, try reloading
  11. I haven't - although I am confident that would work, I would at this stage prefer to work with the Duma team to locate this issue with DumaOS
  12. Hi Fraser, Thanks for looking into this... Here's a little more background and a link to a video so that you can see what I am experiencing. Let me know if you need more info? Before I upgraded to DumaOS I had two banned servers. One on the east coast and one on the west coast in the US (I'm in the UK). When I first upgraded to DumaOS I didn't have any problems. Then with the latest COD BO4 update, I started to experience an issue. The issue is narrowed down to R1 DumaOS and the latest update, as my other routers work fine. Here's a video to what I am experiencing, hopefully, it will give you more of an insight. You will see when i first load the game everything is recognised then they disappear (39sec). I also tested spectating and had the same results as filtered. Let me know if you need anything else that helps.
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