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  1. I give up on netduma. IF YOU GET THIS ERROR DON'T EVEN WASTE TIME GETTING HELP. THROW THE R1 AWAY AND GET SOMETHING ELSE. It's been over a month now and still nothing.
  2. I think the r1s are just dying out. Or a cloud update is bricking the r1
  3. YES THE BUTTON ON THE BACK... And yes before you tell me again. I'm doing it right. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000094903-how-to-factory-reset-the-netduma-r1-using-the-reset-button It happened randomly I've been using this update for months now
  4. Sorry I only made this post because I didn't want to hijack that dude's thread. I couldn't access the UI to disable qos. Gives me the error after trying to load for about a min. nothing to click on sadly
  5. Leaving the router unplugged for 24hr didn't help
  6. Plz read the post before replying. I've told you multiple times now that I've been on multiple devices and browsers... COULD IT BE THE SAME BUG THE NIGHTWAWKS WERE EXPERIENCING?
  7. Nothing that I'm aware of. I went to turn qos off a couple weeks ago and this happened. Been looking everywhere on the forums for a fix. I figured it was the same os bug the nightHawks were expecting.
  8. The only reason I was doing r1/ was because the lan ip didn't work.
  9. Gives this same error even after factory reset. I've used crome and Firefox on my PC, and phone to no avail. I bought the router back in 2017.
  10. I'm well aware of the steps lol. It only resets my wifi password . while the UI is still bricked.
  11. Yes I've tried on every device in the house. Via Firefox and crome. Factory reset does nothing.
  12. I'm having the same problem. I haven't been able to access Duma os for a couple weeks now. I've tried everything I know to do, factory reset does nothing.
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