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  1. Sadly this router-selling feature doesn't work as advertised. I've made a post about the same issue but about denying players with bad connections in a P2P game. I deny them but can still join lobbies I host. It even says they're denied on the Allow/Deny page but somehow they are still about to join me. There have been plenty of posts going back many months about Allow/Deny not working. If you haven't searched that here yet please do so you can see the plethora other posts bringing it up. Here's a old lengthy thread illustrating what I'm talking about. The support here on this is frankly terrible. They claim to have brought this up to the devs numerous times but will also act as if in later posts they never knew it was ever an issue. They keep talking about updates are coming but that they are hamstrung by Netgear because they control when big updates are rolled out. Customers just simply have to wait for them to approve updates and fixes. In the life cycle of this router that's seemingly many months at a time. The last major firmware update to the XR500 that was actually meaningful was in March. There was a small update last month but that was a minor update. If your router is new and in the return period I'd suggest returning it. Otherwise you'll spend months or years waiting around for fixes, and previously promised features like the rest of us.
  2. I'm sorry Alex but please explain to me why you need more time to "declare this a bug"? I've been previously told and read in these very forums that this issue was previously duplicated already. There are literally many posts going back months stating this issue and similarly related issues on these forums and Netgear's. In a previous post in this thread by the OP, Kahari, he mentions this is been an issue for close to a year with NO FIX YET. That time is now 11+ months. Here's recent thread on Netgear's forums echoing my sentiment. You posted in this thread that the issue has been reported to the devs and they are aware. Fraser has also said the same. So how is it not declared a bug yet? It simply doesn't work as advertised! Unless I'm reading this wrong help me understand the distinction between "the devs are aware of the issue" vs. "we can't declare this a bug yet". Are you guys not reading the threads on these forums? The issue is documented as far as I'm concerned. It's time to stop fooling around and fix it. Period! So have we been lied to here? Has no one in fact brought this up to anyone to fix after all this time? What's the point of having forums for customers who bought a expensive product to report broken features only to have them ignored and not brought to the attention of the devs? The malfeasance here is beyond ridiculous. Is the motto here "Buy our broken product now and maybe we'll fix many months later...if and when we fee like it"?
  3. Alex, Next week was last week. Is there an update?
  4. If you're doing everything you can it shouldn't take 6 months or more to release meaningful update/s. I'm sorry that's ridiculous, especially considering the cost of the router. It certainly wasn't free or heavily discounted and I didn't buy into some beta program where updates come whenever you guys or Netgear feels like releasing them. There are numerous documented issues with threads going back months on these forums. To me that dictates updates should be pushed every 2-3 months. Yet the same issues persist with no updates for months on end. Like most I purchased this router on the strength of the software on the R1 (despite the hardware failing twice). But I didn't expect to encounter so many broken promises and features that don't work when you need them to when first coming to this forum. For example, it took over six months to get open VPN support (something I expected out of the box) and even that still doesn't function properly. People have been asking for a beta program for months yet nothing official exists. I've posted and commented on how Allow/Deny still doesn't work properly only have my recent comments flatout ignored. I can say with certainty will not be purchasing any future DumaOS and/or co-branded DumaOS/Netgear products. In this partnership you guys have clearly lost your way.
  5. I agree with Kahari's last comment. What issues are more important than fixing an advertised feature that's been broken for months?!
  6. Thanks for getting back to me. Can this be a hot fix push because version releases are too infrequent. If not could I test this version somehow?
  7. I posted recently about Allow/Deny not working on the XR500 in P2P games/connections. Below is a summary of things I've done in effort to get it working with no effect. I've rebooted the router many times. Restarted my game console many times. Flushed the Geo-Filter cloud many times. I've tried turning off/on strict mode and auto ping of varying combinations. I've deleted my console from the filtered device list then re-added it. (and yes it's set to "filtering" mode). I've also deleted and then re-added the same individuals to my list but Allow/Deny just doesn't seem to work! The same high ping people are repeatedly able to join my lobbies despite my settings. There are many other posts noting the similar issues going back months. Yet it seem as if the devs aren't/weren't aware of the issue or aren't doing much to get this feature working as advertised. Why hasn't this been addressed yet? When will it be fixed?
  8. I see. Thanks for letting me know. There are many threads on there illustrating this issue going back months. Makes little sense to me that it's still a problem when its a advertised feature.
  9. Hi. I'm wondering if you've been able to get this to work for you? I'm having similar issues but with high ping players I've still able to join my lobbies in a P2P game.
  10. I don't understand why you'd reiterate that 2 min rejoin rule (which the router doesn't even tell you btw). It doesn't apply in my case because I have repeatedly added and re-blocked the same individuals to no end with no change. So you're telling me the router can't block high ping people I've previously blocked? I can't be the only other person who's said they've been having this issue that you're aware of. I've searched and read through threads with similar issues. I've seen several threads that go back as far as Summer 2018 citing similar issues. You commented in most of them. Here's list below. A couple were by the same person but there were plenty of others I've elected not to include here but searching "Allow Deny" yields lots of threads with similar issues. Denied Servers and Players Aaarrrgghhh Allow/Deny ALLOW DENY NOT WORKING....ANNOYING NOW!!!!! Which takes priority: Allow/Deny or Strict Mode? When I first got the router this feature seemed to sporadically work. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. I'd usually reboot the router and things would be fine for several days then revert back to allowing the same blocked high ping players to join my lobbies. Same IDs and everything. I'd delete them and block them again. But for the past two months or so it just hasn't worked at all. I've scoured threads here for solutions and see none provided. I only see months old posts with statements like "this will be fixed in the next update" or "allow/deny is working for us, we'll try to reproduce this issue", "netgear is working on it", etc. It seems this has been going on for months on end. As far as I'm concerned you guys have had months to thoroughly test this. Why is this not fixed?
  11. Some leave and rejoin withing a few mins. Some stay and just keep playing. Previously blocked players join my lobby and play despite my settings. IDs or IPs are NOT changing and they don't seem to using VPNs or something. They join my lobby the next day or some time after I added them to my deny list. I click on them on the map and they come up with the names I previously gave them. Same IDs & IPs too. In my list it clearly says denied but they still are able to join me. Again IDs and IPs are the same. The Allow/Deny feature IS NOT WORKING.
  12. This both points are correct. I add and block them, remove them, and add and block them again to no avail. I've done it countless times. The same handful of players with pings well over 120 are consistently able to join lobbies I host. It's annoying because the game stalls waiting for their connection to improve or it permanently stalls and everyone has to leave the lobby. What gives? What must I do to make this thing work. It simply doesn't do anything at all.
  13. Ping assist is always at "0". Yes I mean custom matches that I host. Not matchmaking. I currently have auto ping on. It usually isn't but I was trying something as previously noted to get the feature to work again. It seems like a failing of the software. No matter what settings I seems to choose high ping players that I have blocked using Allow/Deny are able to freely join any lobby I set up.
  14. Why does it seem like this feature works when it feels like it instead of all the time? I play a couple games where the connection is always P2P. I've denied some people due to high pings. I've had some games with some of the players where the game is really slow to start or doesn't start at all because of the high ping rate coming from their connection. Sometimes for seemingly no reason they can still join my games or lobbies I'm host of. Sometimes I'd reboot my router and things would seem to work on. Except now it no longer seems to work at all. Things I've Tried in Varying Combinations: I've rebooted the router many times. Restarted my game console many times. Flushed the Geo-Filter cloud many times. I've tried turning off/on strict mode and auto ping of varying combinations. I've deleted my console from the filtered device list then re-added it. (and yes it's set to "filtering" mode). I've also deleted and then re-added the same individuals to my list but Allow/Deny just doesn't seem to work! The same high ping people are repeatedly able to join my lobbies despite my settings. As I see it this thing is a $500 paperweight that allows me to connect to the internet. The things I need it to do simply do not work as advertised. What's up with this?! I'm I missing something? I've seen other posts on here about Allow/Deny not working but not clear solutions or ways to resolve its non-functionality. Why does this not work and when will it be fixed?
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