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The story of the '£500' football shirt...

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I work in the media department for a local charity and one of the fundraisers was making a 'Liverpool FC' raffle hamper as a prize based by clubbing together a load of old donations we have had in the past. 


"The hamper needs to be worth roughly £50-£80", she said. "I'll bump the prize up by throwing in this old shirt signed by Ian Rush because it has no certificate of authenticity with it".


My ears pricked up when I heard her say that as my friend who I play football with owns a vintage football shirt website.


So... I gave him a quick call, got him into the office to inspect the shirt - my thinking is, "there's got to be more to this top than meets the eye".


It turns out it's a match issue top (based on the stitching, inside label and the the embroidery of the badge) which is also signed by the player who wore it. It also turns out my mate is a MASSIVE football geek and knows more about football shirts than Sports Direct.


"It's got to be worth at least £500", he says. "I'll get in touch with a few overseas buyers who'll be interested in this".


Needless to say, the raffle prize worth roughly £50-£80 doesn't have that shirt in it anymore.


Moral of the story, don't throw away your old football tops. They might be worth something ;)




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