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Playing with Friends outside your radius

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My friends that I have added to allowed List, which are out of my radius cant still join my lobby on call of duty. I have to expand my radius over there location for them to join my game. Is there a way around this? maybe a setting I'm not doing right?

For instance I'm in London, Friends are in Africa. I will either move my home location to there location and keep trying until it works or expand my radius from London to cover up there area :) which I know isn't practical if correct. Plus I experience low pings, lags due to the distance.

At times is not that bad, but is there a standard way of doing this apart from expanding my radius coverage or moving home location to theirs?

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Well I went further to delete the 'PS4' from Device Manager, that kind of made things worse. Geo-Filer wasn't loading , white cycle kept spinning round like its loading. I was hoping it will later load or bounce back with an error this never happened.

Eventually I resorted to Factory Resetting the R1, which fixed the error. Now I can select Spectate mode no errors come it works has it should.

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