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I have noticed that the QoS flower has every device on it, wether that device is connected or offline.

Would it be possible that the flower only show devices alive and kicking, I like to use it to throttle my connection to the game, by adjusting max mb to my device and then unticking share excess, I've had some success with this, but when it has soo many devices shown as connected, when some are not, the percentages that are given to other devices are very small and can cause poor connections for family.

I usually go into device manager and delete each offline item manually, but as you probs know this is very time consuming.

Hope the above made sense lol

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Same scenario here. I've taken to doing cleanup every few days, but would love an automated solution. Also, it would be great to be able to define the min bandwidth by device class. This would at least put them in close to the right balance of each other that can be manually refined.

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