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LAN Setup > DHCP Reservation address does nothing!

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I have added two devices to the address reservation list, named them, changed the IP to what I want them to be (they are within the DHCP range specified directly above) and then hit apply... the router "reboots" or goes through its thing where it gives the popup alerting to the devices going offline to be assigned their new addresses... then NOTHING! Multiple times hitting "apply" and even a hard reset, the devices stay in the address reservation list but their IPs are not changed, and the new name they were given shows up nowhere in device manager nor does their new IP. They just stay with their old IPs.


What exactly is the proper way to go about setting reserved IPs?



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The device normally holds onto it's IP address until it expires or restarts/reboots to get a new IP address from the Router. If it's a windows computer, you can force it to get the new IP address you reserved by using the following commands in the command prompt.


ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

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