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  1. Well table view would be great... if we were allowed to sort the columns by MAC or IP I have no idea why we can sort by everything else except the two that would be most useful... However when sorting by name there appears to be very few duplicates if any.
  2. This is IOT... Only two people worth of devices. Even stoves, microwaves, Nike shoes, etc., have wifi now! But you make a good point- anyone using this firmware in a public setting would end up with hundreds of these things in just a few days. Nobody is going to sit there and delete them one by one.
  3. So this network map UI is already pretty bad even with a few dozen devices, but when you add the fact that it doesn't automatically remove old devices after a period of time... it gets completely unusable! The attached image has offline devices on it that are months old. How do I manually remove all offline devices at once? Thanks!
  4. I have added two devices to the address reservation list, named them, changed the IP to what I want them to be (they are within the DHCP range specified directly above) and then hit apply... the router "reboots" or goes through its thing where it gives the popup alerting to the devices going offline to be assigned their new addresses... then NOTHING! Multiple times hitting "apply" and even a hard reset, the devices stay in the address reservation list but their IPs are not changed, and the new name they were given shows up nowhere in device manager nor does their new IP. They just stay with their old IPs. What exactly is the proper way to go about setting reserved IPs? Thanks
  5. Hi, thanks so much for the suggestion. That is not even an option in AP mode for the orbi. DHCP and DNS are automatically turned off and their menus are grayed out. Actually upon further investigation it would appear the devices are actually there, they are just all listed as "offline" even when they are online and connected to the AP.
  6. Ironically I just found that the closest thing to a proper list would be when you try to "add" a new device to DHCP address reservation (Settings > Setup > LAN Setup > Address Reservation), you actually do get an html list of IPs and MACs that can be pasted into excel and then sorted However the device names do not necessarily resolve from the device manager page, instead sometimes showing up again as a multiple "unnamed" device. But hey, for someone who doesnt have a secondary router/AP from which to draw a device list, this is a workaround.
  7. So when I log into my netgear Orbi router (configured as an AP) I can see a full list of connected devices on my network, even those connected directly to the XR500 with static IPs, but I when I try to do the same from the Nighthawk router in "Device Manager > Network Map", I cannot even see the ones that are connected to my AP via DHCP. The AP itself does show up but nothing else. I know you are not going to tell me that the Orbi- a device that looks like it was marketed towards housewives and belongs in a smart bathroom has better functionality than netduma's flagship top of the line "gaming router" whose chassis looks like a stealth bomber. So please could someone enlighten me as to how do I enable the ability to see my full network?!? The devices themselves do show up under "Network Snapshot" under their actual name (not the name of the AP) when I force them to use more bandwidth, so they are clearly recognized by the XR500, they just dont show up on the god-awful network map. Thanks!
  8. I know someone probably spent a few hours trying to make the duma UI look cool or whatever but it is incredibly unhelpful to do so and then not test it before releasing it to the public. Specifically I have a giant map of 50 devices in "Device Manager" page- not in any order, constantly moving around as they go on and offline, and as far as I can tell there is no way to just see their IP and MAC addresses in a simple list like we have been able to for over a decade now. So if I wanted to find a device by IP I would have to click on each of the 50 little circles and copy/paste each one to notepad after waiting for the little window to open and refresh, whilst using the scroll bars to move the map around (since it is not scalable or resizable in any way once youre in fullscreen mode) all while hoping none of the devices dont go offline which moves them to somewhere else on the page and re-orders the other sections' devices around. Oh and if you have more than a certain number of devices, they can literally block each-other from being selectable my the mouse Please tell me I'm missing the list mode for the connected devices? Also the Bandwidth Allocation wheel is nearly impossible to use when you have dozens of devices, and the accompanying list is completely useless when it is only listed by name and devices can share identical names. Clicking on one doesnt even show its MAC or IP?!? wow As far as I can tell there is actually no benefit whatsoever to the visual UI over the traditional text/field/dropdown one. We are egregiously hindered by this nonsense and cannot even use a find command on page source because everything is hidden in a layer or two of scripting. Any help here?
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