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High Ping When Connected to XR500

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Everything was working great then I noticed that my ping randomly went high.

After testing with Ping Plotter I saw that around the ( bbr02snjsca ) hop my ping spiked.




I decided to just connect my modem and the spike stopped occurring.




I did a complete factory reset on the XR500 and I'm still having this issue.


Please help gaming has been horrid sense this problem started.

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My base ping has always been high. I even moved a couple of years ago to the other side of town and still have high base ping.

I've tested a few different places and times and I'm having the same issue.

It seems to just be that hop I mentioned.

If I connect directly to my modem then as you can see in the picture the ping is more stable without the big spike.

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Ya I know that the router shouldn't be effecting the hop.

Qos should be set up right. 70% on both sliders 15% on Qos flower and using the always option when testing.


Why does that hop get a spike when connected to the XR500 and not my modem directly?

Any advice would be great.

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I've done more testing and the XR500 is still having this very odd issue.


The first picture is my Xbox One X connected directly to the modem.

As you can see my ping is normal around 47ms.




When I connect the XR500 the ping goes up to around 70ms.




I'm at a loss as to why this started happening.

Noting has changed on my setup.

I've been running the same settings for months.


I tried a complete factory reset of the XR500 and I'm still getting the same odd results.


The only thing I can think of is the last firmware update.

Please help me figure this out because I can't stand the added ping in gaming.

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The server should be whitelisted as before this problem started I would get around 45ms ping.


I just ran a test with Fortnight and noticed the same results.


The ping is higher with the XR500 connected for some reason.

(XR500 Connected)



(Xbox direct to modem)



Something isn't right!?

Same West Coast server two very different results.

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I think that worked.

My ping is back to normal!

I can't express how happy I am :)


This is why I tell people about NetDuma on streams and my YT channel.

The router is awesome and your support is unmatched.


Thanks Fraser

You and the Duma Team rock!



When I do another factory reset for new firmware should I do the same thing?

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