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How does R1 handle bufferbloat at 400 mbs speeds?

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Does bufferbloat still happens at high speed?



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Does bufferbloat still happens at high speed?


As far as I'm aware (though I could be wrong) bufferbloat shouldn't occur on those speeds. Bufferbloat occurs when your connection is heavily saturated by downloads etc, though it'd be incredibly difficult to saturate your connection on speeds that high. You'd have to be downloading a monumental amount of data to experience bufferbloat on 400mbps!

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Yea Jack is right.. well i know because i have Xfinity Gig Plan and my Download is 986 and 45 upload also with the Netgear Cm1000 Modem and its Expectacular,Awsome Insane Great i do have it on Super Turbo mode with 100% Caps on Congestion and my internet is incredible with NO LAGG watsoever (Recommend for Fiber Speeds)



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Bufferbloat can rear it's ugly head when there are bandwidth hungry clients on your network, whether it is torrents (XBOne and Windows 10 updates are just as bad) or several people watching Twitch, Netflix, or YouTube.
If you live alone or don't have media-hungry people in the home it might not be bad. It's bad in my home, so I run a third party firmware (LEDE) on my router 
( https://cozzy.org/be...-router-combo/ )with some software (SQM, Cake qdisc) to tame bufferbloat. Without it I would routinely see 600-800ms pings when everyone's on their phones and computers and it could spike to twice that.

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