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NAT Loopback or NAT Reflection to access DDNS?

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I'm testing a bit the Netgear Router with DumaOS and see that NAT loopback seems to work... Great.

But apparently the IP address seen by internal devices is the public IP and not the router IP. Which makes it difficult to secure a Synology for example.

On all others brands where I used NAT loopback to access my NAS, it was the IP of the router and I could simply add this in the NAS firewall.

With DumaOS, I need to put the different IP ranges of my internet provider.

What do you think ? Possible to change this so that internal devices will see router IP instead of Public IP ?

Best regards


Hey, welcome to the forum!


That's more of a question for Netgear as the Settings is done by them. I can make a note to bring it up with their Development team. 

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