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  1. Same. If we don’t get a firmware update to fix KRACK ASAP, I am definitely dumping the R1. Not worth the risk.
  2. I am in Dallas and I agree that the Texas Servers feel awful. I do not understand why. It's like I get no autoaim or magnetism when I am on the Texas server and the other team can eat multiple headshots when no shfields. If I set my location to the Midwest and get the St. Louis or Iowa Servers, the gameplay is much better. I can't tell if this is the Netduma, or just the San Antonio Azure server being trash. But I am glad to hear this is not just in my head.
  3. Unfortunately, I already had it disabled. Tried to turn it on/off, still didn't work :-( These are the only settings I have On in MISC Settings Enable link-local IPv6. X Enable cookies. X Not sure how I Am MoD Box is getting it to work, b/c I can't think of anything else to try.
  4. Yep. I also just went in and changed them all to DHCP, so they are receiving the IP address from the R1, with the reservations I assigned (that match their previous static IP). I can access remotely via the DDNS URL no problem, but locally it doesn't work. I am able to use the local IP address to access while on LAN, but on my last router I was able to use my DDNS URL both locally and remote. The weird thing is, if I plug in myserver.ddns.net from my network (without adding a Port), then I am able to access the R1 interface. However, as soon as I add a Port to the URL, then I get this message in Chrome: This site can’t be reachedMYserver.ddns.net refused to connect.
  5. I expanded the DHCP range of the R1 to include the cameras IP addresses, and assigned them DHCP reservations. However, I didn't remove their static IP from the cameras configuration (not sure if that matters). I am still unable to access from LAN using the myserver.DDNS.net:8156 address. @ I AM MoD BoX Do you have those devices set with a Static IP address or are they receiving via DHCP from the R1? Also, can you share what your setup looks like? Do you have another Router/Modem in the mix, or just the R1? My setup is: FiOS Internet direct from ONT via Cat6 > R1 > Gigabit PoE Switch > IP Cameras Thank you both for your help with this.
  6. I am using No-IP as well, and the cameras are accessible via the ports from outside the network, but not when I am on the LAN. UPNP added the Port forwarding rules for the cameras, but I have also tried adding them manually and still the same result. The Cameras are assigned Static IP addresses outside the R1's DHCP range, could that have any impact? Is this what your No-IP address looks like that you are able to access from LAN? yourserver.ddns.net:8155
  7. What DDNS service are you using? I have Ethernet going straight from my FiOS ONT into the Netduma R1, so there is no other modem or router in play. The strange thing is, I can access the R1 interface from LAN using the DDNS URL, but if I try to add a Port # to the DDNS URL, then I get a page not found. So it is resolving the URL, but not forwarding the ports?
  8. Thanks Fraser. I tried enabling WAN access in Misc Settings, but that did not work. I am already using OpenDNS for my DNS, so I don't want to change to a different DNS server, just add entries to the Host file for the specific cameras that need to be accessed. Otherwise I think NAT Loopback is required. Any idea if that is something coming in the new OS?
  9. The local addresses work, but then I have to change the URL if I am on LAN vs off. My old router allowed me to use the same ddns.net address with appropriate ports for both on/off LAN. It might also be possible to achieve this with Static DNS entries. Not sure if the R1 supports that, but I will take a look today. The crazy thing is, I can actually reach the R1 from LAN using my server.ddns.net URL, but if I add any ports (i.e. server.ddns.net:8155), then I get a site can not be reached message. Could this be a port forwarding issue? The ports work of I use the local.address:8155 from the LAN or if I use the server.ddns.net:8155 address from the internet, so it looks like all the port forwarding is correct. This is my last obstacle to getting the Netduma working with 100% wife approval, so really trying to figure it out, so I don't have to return it :-(
  10. I use No-IP's DDNS service to access my security cameras remotely. Remote access is working fine via the Ports (configured via UPNP), but I am unable to reach the cameras using the same address when I am on the LAN. I believe this requires NAT loopback or NAT Reflection on the router. Any option to get this configured or use another work around on the R1?
  11. Yep. I'm blind. Got it. Thanks for the quick response.
  12. I am trying to setup a custom DNS server address for the Netduma R1 to use (OpenDNS), but the setting won't save unless I also set a Static WAN IP address. Unfortunately setting a static WAN IP address, breaks my FiOS internet connection. Is there a way to configure custom a DNS server address, without hard coding all the other WAN details (IP, Subnet, Gateway)?
  13. Thanks for the reply. That is pretty disappointing, as it looks like the profiles really misses a lot of settings. I need to replace my R1 as I received a unit from Amazon that was already opened and used. Thought I could at least configure it and then load the config on the replacement R1. Guess not.
  14. Thanks Fraser. Is there a list of what is included in the Profile Backup? I need to swap out the R1, with a replacement R1, and do not want to go through and completely reconfigure it.
  15. Just got my Netduma R1 completely setup and wanted to see if there was a way to Backup or save the entire configuration.Mostly want all my LAN Device customizations and UPNP rules saved, so I could completely restore instantly from Factory Reset. However, I could not find anyway to do this. Am I missing something?
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