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Use Geo-filter for custom games in Destiny?


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Hey guys,


Quick thought - As Destiny doesn't have the option to make custom PVP games will it be possible to enforce this with two R1 routers and the Geo-filter?


For example, I have a group of 6 of us who get together every Tuesday and do some raiding - once finished we like to jump in to PVP but it would be great if we could use custom matches.


Now my group is fairly widespread across the UK, but me and one other guy live about 5 miles from each other. If we both used the geofilter down to about 10 miles and selected the same game type for matchmaking at the same time, would we get matchmade against each other? Would we increase the chances?





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Hey Jae sorry for the late reply, thats an interesting question. It may improve your chances but really I don't know if that would work or not. It's up to the game at that point and it may not allow you to. If you get the chance to try it out I'd love to know what happens :)

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