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BO3 PS4 connection interrupted message


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I get this alot with BO3 on PS4 (even on UK's dedicated server). It does restore 9 time out of 10 rather than boot me from game.


Is this occurring to anyone else, and is it anything to do with R1, or something outside its control?




Hey strodoggydog,


The only time it happens to me is when the host leaves the match, if its not lucky enough to change host then you lose connection to them and are booted back to the main menu.

Could I also say that you should give this a read to save answering lots of BO3 questions, if you haven't already... http://forum.netduma.com/topic/9052-black-ops-3-update-upgrade-cloud-extras/




Yep it's happening to me as well , does it say it can't contact the license server?

Application will close in 15 minutes?


Seems like they're ignoring this issue


Who seems to be ignoring this issue ?


It happens to you Asentrix because your upload is not adequate (0.8Mbit/s,  you have been advised about this already.

You also deleted your test result in your signature ?


Have you tried restoring your licence's on your console ?

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