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How to Use a 6TB Hard Drive on the PS4


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With Sony’s use of the low profile 2.5″ hard disks in the PlayStation 4, came the stark realisation that with an increasingly digital future, how do you store all of those games? This is a big worry for many gamers because even physical copies of games now install on to the hard drive, so what can we do about it? A new innovation in the industry means that you could potentially use a 8TB hard drive on the PlayStation 4 for installing games and other apps, although a 6TB HDD is probably the way to go for now.


Gaming accessory manufacturer Nyko has created possibly one of the most interesting peripherals for the PS4 to date. The “Data Bank” is effectively a caddy that can hold a 3.5″ HDD but acts as an internal drive. Some of you may be aware that the PS4 does not support external hard drives to install games or save data, however this unit replaces the top face plate and plugs into the 2.5″ HDD slot in order to “fool” the machine into believing it is a regular laptop drive.




So what are the advantages of this? Clearly the first is the opportunity for bigger hard drives, and we all know how much cheaper the bigger 3.5″ hard drives are per gigabyte when compared to the smaller 2.5″ laptop hard drives used in modern day consoles. Another advantage is that it also looks fairly sleek, matching the PS4’s angles perfectly. The data bank also doesn’t require an external power source, or need to use up a USB port, as it uses a pass-through adapter on the PS4’s existing two-pin power port.


Negatives? Although we can’t be certain, it looks as though this design may be top heavy and therefore will not allow you to stand your PS4 in the vertical orientation and if you like stacking things on top of your PS4 you will decrease your surface area by a third.


There is no release date for Nyko’s Data Bank, however we have been informed it will be some time in Q2 2015. The good news is that it seems like Nyko wants to keep the device affordable, so it will probably cost around $40-50 when released.




I think I may invest in one of these. I use a 4TB on my XB1 and have more games on my PS4.

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man how much games do you have?

my 500 gig PS4 is still like 260 gig free or so, and i pretty much have it since launch


It's not full but I've surpassed 600GB on the XB1 alone.


I currently have a 1TB SSHD in the PS4 but would want 4TB for that too.

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