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Weird issue with netduma

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Not sure if anyone else has had this but my netduma has kind of been running slow sometimes at certain times like once or twice every week,

when this happened i would just Factory reset from the routers panel setup my settings again all fine again until it eventually happens again.

Well like 10 minutes ago it was running slow again but this time before i could reset it the thing kicked all my clients of including wired ones and refused to give an ip address,

Only choice was to force an ip address for my main pc (wired) within network manager of windows, got back in reinstalled the routers firmware but unchecked the save settings tab and once again router is back to life.

this time tho the speeds seem to have picked up really close to my proper isp speeds (50/3) was getting like 39/2.3 before this happened might be too soon to call it but seems everything is running more smoothly without the keep settings ticked.

more of a story than an issue as I've fixed it but just posted it incase anyone else experience the no ip issue. keep a backup of the firmware on your computer just incase and force the ip and the router page should show

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