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Router Settings Tips in Australia

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Hi fellow Australians,


Ok, so what tips do you other Aussies have? Setup Wise?


I have Bigpond Cable which fluctuates on the DL from 100 down to 75 and back again. I think the fluctuation is due to others using the network in my suburb. I took an average and set my bandwidth to that (84 I believe). My understanding is that only matters when you setup bandwidth throttling which I only use when Im gaming so I don't mind. My upload is pretty consistent around 2.2.


I normally set my bandwidth throttle to 60 or 70% when gaming.


My home is set to where I live in Sydney


I turn on Geo Filter and move it down to its lowest range, then click the step up twice. That normally covers NSW, VIC, part of QLD and part of SA (just big enough to cover the hosted servers in SA - for advanced warfare anyway.) It doesn't cover NZ which I am happy about, It have rejected some games in WA which is good for me too.


I normally set my ping assist to 30ms. But due to the fact most games are on the servers I never really need it. I am yet to test it on other games like BLOPS2 or non hosted server games which I think will be the main benefit.


Most host pings fluctuate between 10-20ms during a game.


Seems to be working really well in AW with great hit detection. Worked well in BLOPS3 Beta but they were all servers Im pretty sure, and it was hard to be too critical as the beta had bad lag issues. Im on an XBOX 1 and 360.


Any tips out there thats helped you in our vast and Isolated land?


[EDIT: I just realised that the new update will change a lot of these settings when it comes out... But until then?]



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