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Playing Off Host and On Host (COD AW)


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I thought I would start this topic because i play competitive COD and don't really play pubs or anything else. I am primarily playing in private matches and would like to hear others experience with throttling features. For background, I have a Comcast Business line which yeild a 85 download and 17 upload very consistantly. I am also using a Motorola SB6141 Modem and for obvious reasons i am hardwired. 




So... when playing off host I have found it to be in my best interest to throttle myself dramatically. I set the download cap to 25% and the upload cap to 15%. The results are fairly consistant being that i experience improved bullet registration, not killed around corners and when i get into head to head gunfights i rarely experience shotting first with no damage indicators and then being insta killed. Now...what i used to do was throttle myself to 70% download and upload cap and I always felt that i was behind in the gameplay. People would see me before i see them and constantly getting killed very fast. I have research many lag comp theories and most of them the individual offered no credentials to there facts or why they knew what they were talking about. To clarify in my post here, I am talking strictly about the FEEL of the gameplay which i believe is somewhat valid since i play way to much COD. 


So...When hosting a lobby I am absolute clueless about what to do when it comes to throttling. I am tried multiple different levels and I am constantly behind in the gameplay which leads me to think that the COD engine has programmed additional lag to be distributed to the host. My host feels like a disadvantage in all situations when playing AW. I am more than likely the minority when it comes to my opinion of host but it is just awful for me. Does anyone have any opinions or recommendations of what measures can be taken to help smooth out the on host issues i am talking about? Or anyone relating to the struggles?



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Hey man! I play a lot of comp to, in fact that's what I mainly do now, I have nearly the best connection possible for me and here'a how I get it.


Ok so I am in the UK I pay for 80D and 20U,


I play wired,,


Put both sliders down to 70%,


I use reactive alg,


I keep the geo filter on at all times, if the host or players are outside of my range I disable it connect to them and then enable the geo filter again,

Before the game starts if I am off host I go into broadcaster ping the host if it is to unstable I ping the other 3 players and get them to change host to who ever has a stable connection. (May seem long winded but get the best host you get less BS),

Playing on a stable connection is the best connection, in my experience playing on a host with fluctuations in ping time is the cause of the whole I shoot first die first problem!

Doing this yes you still get bad games but that is the other players in the lobby causing issues!

If you have time check out my video attached it's a DNA bomb in a umg competitive uplink game. It's on my host with these settings your see the results :).

Hope I helped!


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I've hosted groundwar on AW recently and I've had the most horrible experience,my Internet is same as Pro innocence 80d 20u and being set to 70 70 on the congestion just hasn't help me out in the slightest,tge other night I jumped online to play some AW and found I was getting totally destroyed literally nothing was registering,I backed out I waited 2 mins and I throttled my connection down to 10 and 10 on the sliders with the pre emptive algo and I could link a few clips I got playing like that,hit registration was bang on,it also gave me host on groundwar just last night with my settings how ive just explained,how I don't know because with my upload being less than 1mb I managed to host but I was killing everything I came across also everyone was on a 4bar

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