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How do I get sponsored by netduma??


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You need to register and pay them £149.99 to be sponsored :)


But joking aside (and assuming you already have the router as you are promoting it) contact Luke and outline what you think you bring to the table. I don't even know if they are looking for any sponsorships just now. They have some great YouTube users who own the product and do plenty of pro bono promoting on their videos as they love the Netduma. You'd need to be something / someone special to stand out from that to get their attention.

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i am inquiring to get an idea of where i would need to be and what kind of goals i can set for myself. I am currently not at the status level that would be attractive to Netduma. 




Ahh okay fair enough, I can't say exactly what we look for but I'll try to give you some ideas, 

  • A good fan base
  • A fan base that also translates to a good viewing rate, i.e. sometimes I see people with ~700k subs but less than ~10k views each video
  • High quality and frequent content
  • A good personality/just a nice person - we don't want to work with someone that is widely un liked etc

Those are just a few things but thats the kind of thing that we look for :)

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