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Advice on my planned setup


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Just ordered my R1, cant wait to get hold of it but do have a wait a little as i live overseas and a family member is brining it out for me. I just want to make sure i am ready for when it arrives so my planned set up is the following.....


I currently use a TP-Link Archer D7 as my main modem/router which is ethernet linked to my "man-cave" via the house hold wiring to an apple time capsule which is set to bridge mode. My PS4 is hardwired to this and the rest of the household traffic is wireless via both the Archer and the Apple time machine (whichever has the best signal)


What i was planning on doing was putting the Archer into "modem mode" (sorry Archer, you will be well and truly redundant) then using the R1 as my router with that being pretty much the only change to the network. 


Will this work??



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