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How to change MTU having issues working from home with forticlient VPN


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I am trying to figure out how to change my MTU setting as it appears it needs changed to work with my internet/work VPN.  I have the Verizon 5g home internet and the speeds are really good when not connected to my work VPN.  As soon as I connect my VPN the internet is unbearably slow and I cannot do anything.  My setup goes Verizon 5g home internet, NetDuma connected to that.  I connect my work computer to the wifi from the NetDuma.

I did some searching online and found this article that is the exact issue I'm having.  Me and our IT guy having been diving into this trying a bunch of different things then came across the below article.  Verizon does not have the option on their interface to change MTU, it's at 1500.  From the article below I need to update to 1428.  I tried changing the MTU but it doesn't seem to stick.  Is there a way to change the MTU setting to get it to stick so I can test if this will be a solution to use my work VPN to work from home??  Appreciate any help.


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