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Hell Let Loose

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Please add Hell Let Loose to the geofence feature! The Hell Let Loose matchmaking is terrible at connecting you to the closest server and I'm always consistently experiencing rubber-banding, high ping, and lag like crazy. It's frustrating. And Hell Let Loose's community has quadrupled ever since it was added to Xbox game pass. It's such a great game with an amazing community. Please please please.wallpaper_hell_let_loose_01_1920x1080.thumb.jpg.7cdb7e5fd7aac42c5d90f6a89513a085.jpg

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On 4/6/2024 at 11:46 AM, Netduma Fraser said:

Thanks for the request, I'll pass it onto the team!

Wasn't sure if you heard anything back from the team about getting HLL added?

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I did make the request to the team so it's on the list to be added, I just couldn't say when that might be currently as I think they're waiting on an internal tool upgrade for the cloud.

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