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Download Speed Issue & Devices Appearing Offline

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Hi there,

We recently upgraded to FTTP with download speeds being 250mbps. I have 2 issues, one being the download speeds and my PC not appearing online in the device manager. 


For download speeds, my PC is connected through a Telstra Booster Gen 3 via ethernet cable. I have tested download speeds on OOKLA showing speeds down to 30mbps. But when I do a speed test through the optimiser it shows the normal speeds. I have tried different ethernet cables, connecting only through WIFI and even changing WIFI channels (6 to 1; advised by NBN support). 


For device manager, my PC keeps appearing offline. Like I said before, I've tried different ethernet cables, WIFI but nothing seems to make my PC appear online. 


I don't have the best understanding on how all of this works so please bare with me but I'd appreciate any help.





Screenshot 2024-02-15 173444.png

Screenshot 2024-02-15 180039.png

Screenshot 2024-02-15 180320.png

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How have you setup QoS/Congestion Control as that could impact your speeds. I know the PC offline was expected when connected in that kind of way, I believe we did push a fix though, what modem/firmware version are you on?

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