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Bandwidth Allocation QOL

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When attempting to set up bandwidth allocation by device or application, the setting is immediately applied and auto adjusts all other entries such that there is no spare bandwidth. For example I would like to set all my IOT devices bandwidth to a low number in case of erroneous behaviour and I don't understand why I can't set them all to the same number. The more devices/applications in the list the more the allocation I set will drift as I change subsequent applications/devices.

I assumed the share excess option will disable auto adjusting but it does not. I would like the option to set the bandwidth allocation of all the devices/applications and when applying the change prompt/warn me if there is excess bandwidth unallocated.

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There is only 100% total available bandwidth so by adjusting values for devices other devices share of that will increase/decrease accordingly. Give one device high bandwidth then you can adjust those specific devices to have a little bandwidth. Share Excess disabled prevents devices sharing their unused bandwidth allocation, I wouldn't recommend having this disabled.

What you want to do has been requested before so it may come in future.

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