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DumaOS App Not Loading

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I am a Telstra customer and I have the Telstra Game Optimiser I cannot log into DumaOS App on my android phone I haven't been able to log into DumaOS app for over 6 months now I have tried everything, clear cache, delete reinstall all, install app on other device. Would anything show on my SYSTEM INFORMATION on the Logs section. when I'm logged into DumaOS on Web browser and try logging into the app there is some info that maybe DumaOS support people could find out the problem, Also if needed I can send the Log file to support people much appreciated. Here is some info if needed to help me get it working again 



Product Vendor - Technicolor

Product Name - Technicolor CobraXh

Software Version - 20.4

Firmware Version - 20.4.0428-MR1-RA


DumaOS App

Version 1.2.1

Compatibility for your active devices

Samsung SM-G996B (this device)

Compatibility - Works on your device

Version - 1.2.1


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Hey @Bund1984, thanks for posting this.

We are aware of a problem access the Internet Optimiser interface through the DumaOS App. This will be resolved in the next version of the app which we are currently preparing to release. I don't know the exact ETA of the release, but it won't be long. In the meantime, if you access the interface through the web browser on your phone, you should still be able to use the mobile interface the same until the new version of the app is released.

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