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High Download Ping (When Under Load)

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Hello. I have noticed while running Connection Benchmarks that my Download Ping (Under Load) is MUCH higher than my Upload and Idle Ping. Is this normal? Are there any settings I can change to reduce this to around the same level as the upload ping? If not, what can I do about it?

Attached are 3 different examples of the Download Ping (Under Load)

- Heath 




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First check if you are using "always" option in QoS section when testing then try to lower download in congestion control to 70 percent.. check if it helps :) 

I think @Netduma Fraser you guys should implement some option in "Connection Benchmark" section to turn on congestion control during testing, because a lot of guys don't know that if you don't turn CC to always you will probably get high ping on Under Load testing. 


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