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"Platform not supported"

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""This Platform is not supported by DumaOS"

Android app suddenly useless?  Non-helpful error message claims unspecified platform newly unsupported. 

Which platform, and why, and why is this error message so pointlessly vague?

  • R1 3.0.207
  • DumaMobile.Droid 1.2.1
  • Motorola G7 Power
  • Android 10, build QPOS30.85-23-7

Attempted fixes:

  • App cache and storage wiped
  • App deleted
  • Phone restarted
  • App reinstalled
  • Phone restarted
  • Router restarted


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13 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

It's because you're on the R1, this will be resolved in the next mobile app versions.

Okay...so when is that planned? And how many versions away is that support?

You folks seem to go out of your way to stay vague and avoid communicating vital information.

You make it really hard to justify dropping the $$$ for any of the newer NetDuma products when you treat your earliest supporters with such contempt.

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  • Administrators

We don't give out any ETAs, they are always subject to change, we develop, test, fix, repeat, once it's at a stage where testing has gone well then it can be released. I believe it will be the next app version, I can double check with the dev on Monday. I'm not going out of my way to be vague, that is the only information I have to give you at this current time, sorry if you feel I am treating you with contempt, the R1 not working with that app version was an oversight that will be resolved.

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