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unable to add game, not found on list.

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Issue with Telstra Game optimiser using Smart gen 3 modem
- After selecting device as PC

- Unable to select game not listed, only given a selected list of options.

- Require OBS to connect to twitch platform, three games wanting to play through OBS:

Farming simulator 2 , American Truck Simulator and  Euro Truck simulator

(truck simulators require Truckers mp, for use with multiplayer)

- Required to connect through Nitrado (only for farming sim)

Any help appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum!

Presumably you're playing these games in multiplayer mode right?

I'm not sure how their multiplayer works, as it's not yet confirmed supported in DumaOS.

You could try going to Device Manager -> Click your device -> Change device type to Playstation.

Then, go back and remove your old profile from Geo-filter, then create a new one for your PC. When prompted to select a service, select 'Choose manually'.

Test that and see if Geo-filter detects servers/peers.

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