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Fake News!

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Have you noticed how little people actually seem to understand routers ( me included! )?

I have asked lots of questions about routers on various forums about how to maximise performance and the one thing that is very clear from the answers is that almost no one member of the public  knows what they are talking about... but they seem to think they do. Especially there is a lot of bias against gaming routers, but based on completely erroneous "fact" and or guesswork. Mostly the latter.

It's kinda interesting to wonder how to combat all this fake news!

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Over the years I have learned that it is much easier to simply nod and give a vague interesting look, then just walk away. Don't even try to combat it, simply know that you know what you know and no matter how hard you try, some people will not accept the facts.

I was once told that I was going to be skinned alive and stretched out like a dear skin on this very forum!!!!! Oh how I laughed. :) 

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