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XR500 geofilter in Destiny 2 and Fortnite

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I have questions about these two games I'm playing online at the moment.

Destiny 2: as I understand the geo filter is now used only to at least connect to the nearest server, but it has no effect on who I am matched with because of the changes with steam relay masking IPs.

Is that correct? 


Fortnite: Sometimes it works as expected, sometimes I'm disconnected from my friend and kicked back to the lobby as soon as the match is supposed to start.

Being group leader doesn't fix the issue when it happens, only deactivating geo filtering does.

Is geo filtering supposed to work in at all in Fortnite?


Thank you

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Correct, that's how Geo-filter will work with Destiny since the changes you mention.

Fortnite can be a little temperamental with Geo-filter, if Geo-filter blocks a server it will kick you back to the menu. Generally speaking as long as you have your Geo-filter setup and enabled prior to booting up the game, you shouldn't experience this too much at all as the game client should already know it's not going to be able to connect to servers outside your radius.

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