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DumaOS Hybrid VPN with custom configuration for PPTP

Dizzy Hurricane

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So basically I have my own super old PPTP VPN running on a linux box, I currently use it on a per computer basis but want to add it using Hybrid VPN feature. However, I have no idea how to create a client side configuration file that DumaOS would accept for connecting via PPTP with basic authentication. I would imagine the configuration to be quite simple but I'm unable to find any resources that would help in creating it. I've tried modifying existing ovpn files to no avail.  So has anyone managed to connect via PPTP to their own VPN using advanced configuration and if so what flags enabled you to do it?


I know PPTP is old and the authentication by modern standards is not considered secure but I would like to solve this issue regardless for the time being if possible.


Thank you. 

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 Welcome to the forum!

Quite a few users have tried to setup Hybrid VPN with their own local VPN server, with mixed results.

Many have struggled to get past the authentication side of things. Have you added the Open VPN client config file to Hybrid VPN in the Advanced setup? If so, where did it get stuck? Can you grab the VPN log file so I can take a look?

Here's a KB for settings up Hybrid VPN, you'll want to be looking at the Advanced config for your use case:

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