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NETDuma R2 WAN Port is Not Working


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I purchased a NetDuma R2 router around end of March 2021. It was working fine up till recently where I suddenly lost internet access. LAN and WIFI access is working fine. I can see all the devices connected to my NetDuma R2 on the Network Map but internet access is not working for LAN and WIFI. I think the WAN port not working and i did the following troubleshooting steps to try and isolate the issue.

My setup is like this. I have an ISP provided router (ZTE F660) that terminates my fiber connection from the ISP and I have connected the R2 via a LAN cable to the ISP provided router. The following was done to troubleshoot.

  • Tried connecting the cable connected to the WAN port of the R2 to different LAN ports in on the ISPs Router. (No Result - But I can see the network communication indicators on the ISPs router blinking)
  • Tried switching out the LAN cable connecting the R2 and the ISP router with multiple cables (No Result)
  • Disconnected the LAN cable going out to my PC from the R2 and plugged it directly into the same LAN port on my ISP provided router where the R2 WAN port was connected. I was able to access the internet indicating the ISPs router ports are working fine.

This leads me to believe that the problem is with the WAN port of the R2. How ever I tried turning off the R2 for some extended period of time and then plugged it in. Then it was working for few hours before the problems came back again where i am not able to access the internet. 

Some help to resolve this issue or if this is not fixable some guidance for the next step would be much appreciated.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

In most cases a reboot should resolve this kind of issue, reboot it so you have internet access then copy the WAN IP from the R2 System Information page and set that as static/reserved on the ZTE router and see if it is more stable after that

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