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DumaOS on XR1000 only shows router settings

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Hello amazing people in the community,

I have received my Nighthawk XR1000 yesterday and the initial setup was a bit of a pain since I am in Australia (assuming this community is worldwide) and I have NBN HFC. My NBN HFC with TPG (my ISP) comes with a TP Link Archer VR1600 modem-router. I converted the TP Link as a modem (bridge) only and disabled the router capabilities. I have also set the TP Link to since XR1000 can only be accessed initially by default at I then connected the XR1000 to the TP Link modem/router (Ethernet port of TP Link to Internet Port of XR1000). Then the nightmare begins during the initial setup.

Long story short, I was able to make the XR1000 work as a router via the DumaOS GUI. The DumaOS can only be access on Chrome using my Mac, not on Safari. During the initial setup, I was able to access the fancy graphs and everything on DumaOS on Chrome. After I restarted the XR1000, only the router settings menu is visible and almost all the settings are greyed out, please see attached photos and notice the options in the left, almost everything is greyed out. The XR1000 works, we all have internet, internet speed is what we expect from our ISP which is a good thing. The only letdown is I cannot access the entire feature of the DumaOS and I cannot configure or modify the XR1000 anymore. I have not restored the XR1000 to factory settings yet because it's a pain setting it up and I am wondering if you guys have another solution for this issue. Just an added note, the XR1000 is also connected to a Netgear Gigabit Switch (connected to the switch are various Mac mini, apple TV, Philipps Hue bridge, etc.) which also works fine.




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Welcome to the forum!

It sounds as though you've got the XR1000 setup as a wireless AP. Please check this in the settings and disable it if applicable.

I'd also suggest changing your modem's internal address as that's the same subnet as the XR1000, this might be the cause of the problems.

Change it to something like or and let me know how you get on.

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