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Never again.

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I have to reboot my router MULTIPLE times daily just to get the rapps to work. It's not even the same rapp each time. Sometimes geofilter doesn't load, other times it's device manager, or QoS. Sometimes NOTHING loads. I've completed multiple factory resets and it works for like a week, then back to the same problem. I don't even want to troubleshoot, I just wanted you to know you've definitely lost a customer. Worst router I've ever had.

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Thanks for the feedback. We believe we've fixed this issue for the next firmware, it was a very difficult issue to pin down and to resolve, hence why it hasn't necessarily been resolved in older versions. Setting retries in the Rapp panel options to 5 on the System Information page, then rebooting from the interface, waiting 2 minutes before accessing can help with it.

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