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R2 / GeoFilter / Terado on PC

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Hi guys, 

Picked up my Netduma R2 last week and loving it so far!

One issue I've run into however is using Xbox Party Chat on PC with my friends on Xbox.

My PC and my flatmates Xbox since going over to the R2 have had issues connecting to Xbox Party Chat. After doing some digging around I've found that the GeoFilter I had setup for us when playing Call of Duty Warzone was blocking our Xbox Party chat, I tried adding the server it connected to but when I try connecting again the server moves for it and I need to add that in, the loop continues. 

Is there a way to always allow terado traffic whilst still using the awesome geofilter?

Thanks in advance!


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

We're currently investigating cross platform compatibility like this. Your best bet for the moment is to disable the Geo-Filter, jump in a chat together, re-enable it and then wait 2 minutes before you go off and play then you should get the best of both worlds.

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