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Setting up r1 help


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I decided on setting up Netduma R1 as I've had bad experiences with gaming with the BT smart hub when someone else is watching Netflix on another device.

Will it be as simple as following this setup guide https://netduma.com/netduma-quickstart.pdf or will I need to take some additional steps for the bt smart hub; I read something regarding DMZ? 

Regarding firmware, can I upgrade to the DumaOS, or is it still in beta with limited spots?


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Yes that will get you up and running. DMZ isn't required but if you want an open NAT then it is advised. All you would need to do is copy the WAN IP from the System Information page on the R1 and put that in the DMZ on the BT Hub interface. 

You can find the 3.0 beta for the R1 available to download here:


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