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I'm just writing for my son who plays rainbow 6 on Xbox one. For some reason it takes him a long time to get into a match, sometimes around 20 minutes.

He always asks me to turn off filtering mode when playing with his friends, I'm not sure if that stops him from connecting with them but in either case it takes a long time to connect to a match.

He says if he goes into a normal match (multiplayer) he gets a game straight away.

It's ranked mode that takes a long time.

Is there a setting that can be adjusted?


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If I remember rightly it may not be necessary to filter the game or not possible in some circumstances, may be why he is having trouble - what are the Geo-Filter settings? They could be too restrictive. For friends that can be resolved by adding them to the allow list, you can see how to do this at the bottom of the guide.


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