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Duma OS on Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 doesn't work anymore

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I've had a Nighthawk XR1000 for a while and everything worked just fine. 

Suddenly it restarted randomly and resetted all its settings. I could set those settings just fine with the App on my iPhone but i could not open the Duma OS webpage anymore. I resetted the router again and could reach the webpage but there was nothing in it. All i can get is a message that says:


Uncaught TypeError: panels.add is not a function



Uncaught TypeError: $(...)[0].add is not a function

Can anyone help me? :/

Screenshot 2021-09-03 145511.png

Screenshot 2021-09-03 1454321.png

Screenshot 2021-09-03 145432.png

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

It looks like for whatever reason it did a reset that the reset did not go through properly so I would recommend you do a factory reset from the interface. If you have the router connected to a power extender then connect it direct to a wall outlet and see if it happens again.

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