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Pc Traffic priority

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Just because it all confuses me, I have a few questions here.

I play on pc

1) I'm aware of the risk of DMZ, but my pc is in set to the DMZ, this means I don't need port forwarding or upnp, correct?.

2) does this also mean I should turn off traffic prioritization?

And if I should still use it ....besides leaving it at default, how should I set up traffic prioritization specifically for my pc, only?

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Besides the risk you mention, it would just be much easier and simpler to put the XR1000 in the DMZ of the modem/router it's connected to upstream. This would mean all devices won't have any NAT issues. For your PC, you won't need Port forwarding enabled but I would suggest leaving UPnP enabled for now, unless it's causing any issues.

You should still keep Traffic Prioritisation enabled, just because the PC is in the DMZ doesn't mean it isn't susceptible to getting held up by background traffic. The standard DumaOS classified game rules should work a treat if you're playing Warzone, though if you wanted to you could also setup a custom rule for your PC, you'd just need to lookup the ports that the game uses and put this range in the advanced section in "Destination".

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