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XR1000 - - Weirdness

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Issue resolved for now but wanted to throw my experience out there for the stack, my XR1000 self updated to firmware version over the weekend and all was fine until today when I experienced issues connecting a new device to the WIFI, attempted to access the web interface and got the "DumaOS not loaded yet!" message which continued for hours.

I decided to reboot the router which took everything down, the SSID's no longer shown as available and instead I see Netgear and Netgear5G SSID's which I cannot connect to, a couple reboots and no luck so I finally did a factory reset and seem stable for now.

I am hoping things remain stable, I purchased this router about 1 month ago to replace a rock solid router that was damaged by lightning and have experienced nothing but problems, finally got things stable for 1-2 weeks after multiple factory resets and very minimal setting changes only to run into this on the first firmware update which is a sad state of affairs given how stable most of the router market is these days.


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Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for sharing your experience, we often recommend factory resetting after a firmware upgrade as it means you can start fresh without anything low-level left over from the previous firmware. This is also particularly useful considering the amount of stability improvements to this firmware.

Let us know if you run into any other issues.

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