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How can I manually add pubg mobile in geo filter map ? Because pubg mobile not in the list.

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I play pubg mobile from ipad pro

 but in geo filter location pubg mobile is not listed. 

I found call of duty mobile version and it's working fine and filter location work. But something trouble to enter the match get disconnected. Two version of call of duty mobile and PC. 

But I didn't find pubg mobile in geo maps game list. 

How can I manually add pubg mobile in geo filter location or how to add in the list. Because geo filter does not detecting the PUBG mobile server or player. I want to add pubg mobile in geo map. I wanted to block server and Player outside of radius.

I wanted to enter Pakistan's dedicated server. I can enter Pakistan's dedicated server changing my location by vpn but it too high ping. I want to avoid vpn. 

Please help how can I add pubg mobile or server address manually. 

Platform : mobile gaming

device : ipad pro

Geo filter location : pakistan.

Because pakistan has PUBG mobile dedicated server. So I wanted to enter their server. Basically I do this change my location by vpn . But now I wanted to do this with geo filter location


current location 🇧🇩




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