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XR500 VPN Problem "Data Center"

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Hello dear community,

I have a little problem with my XR500 and my VPN connection (express VPN). I use this to play on the Warzone servers in other countries.
Before I choose the location, I ping the servers with the PING Heat Map from DUMA OS3 to see which ones are online.

At some locations, however, I get the following message when looking for a lobby.
"Cannot connect to a data center. Please check your internet connection and try again"

This often happens with servers in Brazil or South Korea. In other locations such as South Africa or Israel ... the search works wonderfully.
Maybe someone has a guess what this could be, I use the XR500 in connection with the Fritzbox Cable 6591 Cable. the NAT is open and does not have a double NAT TYPE.

Many Thanks :)
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Hello, welcome to the forum!

Where abouts are you located? When forcing very far away servers it is harder to get a game so it may be the ping to those places is just too high, especially when adding a VPN in and so it will prioritize those with a lower ping.

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