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8 hours ago, Andpodepah said:

Hi Guys blz.
I've been testing some ways to keep my PING aligned even when I'm doing live, and I've found a QoS rule that can be effective for you too, and that's why I want to share.


english version?

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I mean I could just about make out what you where saying based on the images in the video and thanks to YouTube translation, I mean this actually made a big difference with hit detection was great and spot on.

But when I did a speed test both on DSL report and on Netduma router

Speed is D Ping A+ and Under Load if I'm correct is C other times it's B ,A ,A, ping is always A+.

But despite the performance and results are really good in game.

There where some explanation bits on the video I didn't get right since translation on YouTube wasn't that accurate, so I decided togo with 30/30% slider like you did hopefully you have time to make a an English version.


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