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  1. Hey guys! a question, when I use the nordVPN on R2 just for testing, the geographic filter needs to be disabled to find matches?
  2. Hello, Do you have any DUM 3.0 update file to update the XR500?
  3. english version i need to do it lol but I believe you can have a base with google translator😎
  4. Hi Guys blz. I've been testing some ways to keep my PING aligned even when I'm doing live, and I've found a QoS rule that can be effective for you too, and that's why I want to share.
  5. Hello, I'm exploring a little more of the R2 options, and I would like to know what the real meaning and effect of these options when enabled. you leave it on or off?
  6. If I only use the PS5, via cable on R2, considering a bandwidth of 1Mbps (QOS off) this band could cause me a bufferbloat, since there is only a single PS5 connected via cable?
  7. I understood! If only my PS5 is receiving the R2's bandwidth, then a 10Mbps / 1Mbps plan would even be ok.
  8. talk guys, I have observed my bandwidth consumption in (Cold War/Wazone) which is absolutly low, the game doesn't consume even 500Kbps during a match... So, what is the need for me to have a contracted bandwidth of 600Mbps dow and 400up? is it really necessary, or would a plan of just 10Mbps Dow and 1Up do? I would like to know your views on this!
  9. OK. let's wait for this update thanks. As for the right side, the error was actually my chrome resolution. I've corrected it here.
  10. Hello my friends. I have a detail on the interface (only ) of Ping Heatmap. When I filter Call of Duty servers here in Brazil it is not showing anymore. would it be some network setting i need to enable? The description of the servers is blurred on the screen...would this be an error in my browser? Any help to resolve? Valeu tamo junto !✌️
  11. yes man, I found the results to be good also due to being Fiber lol. anyway i will test when i am doing live to see the efficiency. thanks
  12. Helo! with these results it is necessary for me to use congestion control activated, since only my PS5 uses the network?
  13. understand. taking advantage of the opportunity, my PING based on the warzone appears 3ms from R2, however during the match search it appears 13ms but in the game the actual ping value is 33 ~ 40ms. this is normal?
  14. in case they blocking then, I figured that these stunts could cause me to lose data.
  15. Hey guys I did a test route of my connection to the COLD WAR server, the test shows these data losses, do you believe that this may affect my hit detection? would this be a problem in the fiber or the provider ISP?
  16. I understand perfectly. maybe that's why I feel anticipated playing warzone with moderate nat. that is, my connection gets better.
  17. Yes man I will do some more analysis during the game, but I have a slight impression of how moderate I feel in anticipation of other players in the warzone. i get the first shot i kill first.
  18. Got it. so if I leave it at 0ms, the geo-filter will only force the server in the Canadian region right?
  19. got it. I never had any problems opening NAT, however, at the discretion of more knowledge I would really like your opinion if it is necessary to open nat or leave it moderate and if you have any impact, positive or negative to use moderately. because I see a lot of people playing moderately.
  20. When I change my home to servers From Canada for example, if I leave the Ping Assistance in 10ms will my PS5 only connect to Canada's servers? In this case, as Ass Ping is 10ms away, will WarZone rooms have players with Ping below 10ms too?
  21. Hey guys blz. One doubt, I always played with moderate Nat PS4 / PS5 and I never had any problems, including my hit detection improved a lot with Netduma R2. However I would like to know from you if, moderate NAT to Open will better influence my communication with the game server that uses UDP 3074. Is it necessary to order doors?
  22. Hello guys! after the release of the new R2 Firmware I realized that when I add my PS5 to the port insertion manually, it also asks me to choose the type of traffic ... This WAN option will be prioritized what?
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