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The ability to group devices in the Device Manager

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I feel it'd be nice to be able to group devices together so they can be moderated together.

Many houses/offices may have a lot of different people with many different devices

I could create a group for each person who lives in the house, that way, say, if someone doesn't pay their part of the utility/internet bill, all their devices could be denied access

We could potentially be able to assign each group a range of consecutive IP addresses (another potential feature)

multi-level grouping would be nice as well, and would likely integrate well into the existing UI tree diagram,

for example, on one network there could be two devs. each dev would have their own group, and they can have their own subgroups, like "dev" and "prod" and "personal/gaming"

QOS rules could be made that apply to groups

  • bob's dev stack is restricted to 5% bandwidth
  • bob's production stack is restricted to 10% bandwidth
  • tom's dev stack is restricted to 2% bandwidth
  • tom's production stack is restricted to 10% bandwidth
  • bob's personal/gaming devices are unrestricted
  • tom has no personal/gaming devices


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

This has been suggested before, thank you for the extra suggestions relating to it, I have updated our existing suggestion for this to include it. Thanks for the feedback!

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