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Can't find Warzone game on ps5


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Yesterday i received my ps5, after setting it up i launched warzone, disabled crossplay, and tried to find a game ( no VPN, no geo filter etc.) the game searched for ever without finding no game and the search was blocked at 90ms. 

I have tried several solutions such as resync the cloud, waiting for 2 min then relaunch the game. I also tried to reboot the router, changing my ps5 to computer or game console etc. but still the same shit.

When i launch te game all servers are popping up but when i search for a game, it sound like the game search only for 1 server around NY ( i'm living in miami). Usually i succeed to solve any trouble i have with this router by myself but this time i can't see where the problem come from.


2021-07-24 13_26_42-Window.png

2021-07-24 13_29_56-Window.png

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